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It is not uncommon for people to message each other online. But, do you want to send false error messages as a joke to your friends and family? This is a great way to play a joke on your family and friends. It will make them laugh when they receive a fake text message from someone who blocked them. If you’re looking to do it professionally, you can send the message anonymously by using any app.

Here are some examples of cool fake error messages that you can send to your loved ones and perform pranks.

In this article we will cover everything you need to know and how you can play a joke on them.check out blog

What is fake error messages text?

It looks like an error message sent by a company, authority, or app. But it’s fake. This type of text message was sent to the user by friends or family who wanted to play a joke on them. Be careful, though. If it doesn’t look real, you may find yourself in a bad situation. This trick is sometimes used by scammers or hackers to steal your personal information.

What Does It Do?

This fake error message is created by the sender using the same technical language and formatting as the actual error messages sent out by the company or application. To make it look more real, you can use codes or difficult terms. To make it more accurate, you can use any contact number or link as a support centre.

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Why should you be cautious when using fake error messages?

Fake error messages are a great way to make your loved ones laugh. It’s dangerous, because it is not just a trick but can be frightening if a hacker or scammer uses it. Hackers can send these messages including contact numbers or links if they have your mobile number.

Hackers or scammers can send you fake messages such as lucky draws, free gifts, or surprise giveaways to infect your phone or hack it. It is important to be aware of these fake error message from hackers or scammers. This is a much funnier way to prank someone. It would be better if you handled everything.visit website

After reading this article, you are probably excited to share this with your friends, but you are not sure what to say. So, let’s take a look at the most popular ways to send a fake error message.

Ideas for Fake Error Message

We’ve got some great ideas for pranks that are based on fake error messages. They sound real and authentic.

Fake block number text messages

You may be tired of sending jokes. Do a horrible prank that appears so real that your friends will think you’ve blocked them.

These are examples of templates

  • SMS ERROR 404 : Destination Unauthorized.
  • T-Mobile SMS error: The subscriber that you are trying reach has blocked text messages from the number.
  • T-Mobile SMS error: Delivery failed. Additional messages will be charged on your account.
  • SMS SERVICE ERROR: Message delivery has failed.
  • Additional messages will be charged on your account.
  • “SMS ERROR”: The number you’re trying to call is no longer active.
  • SMS Error: The subscriber that you are trying reach has blocked text messages from coming in this number.
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These templates will allow you to easily fool your family and friends.

Tell your friend that you have disconnected their number

You can make your phone number appear to be disconnected or canceled by using these simple ideas.

  • We are sorry that you have reached a number which has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
  • Message to [insert phone number] failed due to network problem (For Verizon users)
  • Error 97: SMS origination denied. (for Verizon users only)
  • 3412154 Error Unvalid Number. Please send again using a valid 10 digit mobile number, or valid shortcode. (for AT&T users)

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Fake text messages to make them laugh

You can send your friend a fake, but funny text message by using these fake text messages. Here are some suggestions.

  • Alert: Your mobile account is temporarily blocked until the cheeseburger has been delivered to our office. Once the order has been delivered, you will have access to your account again.
  • Verizon has detected that your messages are severely lacking in jokes. Reply with your favorite knock-knock prank to restore functionality.
  • Error Message: The Universe has crashed.

Fake Error Text Messages

fake error messages text

These messages are so much funnier than the real error 404. Here are some examples.

  • This number does not exist. Please try again.
  • Error 404 – Phone number not found
  • Error code 404: Delivery of text messages failed. Please check your network and try again.

Here are some ways to trick loved ones with fake error messages.

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There are some downsides to the fake error text that you can copy and paste. READ MORE

The legal problem

First, and most importantly, the problem could be a legal one. These messages are often considered spam, fake, or harassing, and can lead to larger problems.


Fake error messages are a great way to fool your family and friends. We’ll dive right in and see what people think. This trick can also be dangerous, so take care.

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